Val Echavarria

I am a visual artist and graphic designer (specializing in nonprofits) and a fiber enthusiast.  I love it all—painting, weaving, crochet, macrame, felting, spinning, embroidery and sewing.

Using these skillsets and influenced by my many years of experience as an artist and graphic designer, I have created a collection of handmade items:

•  One-of-a-kind accessories
•  Unqiue jewelry
•  Home goods
•  Hand spun a collection of small batch art yarns with premium quality fibers.
•  Small ornament looms

I buy my fibers from cruelty-free and humane sources. It is important to me to support farmers, artisans and the animals that produce this beautiful fiber. Yarn is spun in a dog and cat friendly home.

I live in Pasadena, CA with my four dogs Buzz, Bettye, Birdie and Lenny and my cat, Monkey.

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