Looms, looms and more looms

I’ve been really busy trying to get my line of looms off the ground. The holiday ornaments did well over the holidays. I’ve since added heart looms and will be launching a sun and moon and stars looms soon. It’s a whole lot more involved than I anticipated. It turns out that designing the looms was the easy part. Finding somebody to cut them at a reasonable price has proved challenging. I am actually contemplating  buying a unit, but it’s an expensive undertaking and I would need help since I already have a full plate.

In other news, I’ve been de-stashing may studio. I sold 6 of  my starter looms to make room for “a new to me” 24″ 4-harness Norwood loom. It is a sweet little loom and fits nicely in my already crowded studio.

I’m still spinning art yarn and as always, striving towards a zero waste studio. You can tell from my studio that I hate to throw things away. Recycling my yarn scraps into new yarn is one way of recycling and the yarn is pretty great, if I say so myself.

There’s lots more to post, crocheting, weaving, etc. but I’m itching to get back to spinning my new art yarn, so enough for now. Until next time happy making!

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