A Dog Sweater for Birdie

I am a novice, but here is a quick, self-drafted pattern of the sweater I made for my dog, Birdie. Birdie is a 7.5 lb. Morkie, so this pattern is for a small dog. You can make a sweater for a larger dog by sewing longer panels together. The instructions are for the red sweater, but the photos are of another sweater because I didn’t take photos when I made the red one.

Using waste yarn on both ends, I knitted 50 rows on my Sentro 48 for the back and 45 rows on my Addi 22 for the chest. If you have a male dog, you may want to knit less rows on the chest panel, so there is clearance when he does his business.

Close the bottom and top of the chest panel with 2 rows of single crochet (sc).

Close the bottom of the back panel with two rows of sc.

Close the top with one row of sc. Alternate sc and a decrease for row 2. This is to make the hole smaller around the neck. You can adjust the decreases depending on how large your dog’s head is.

INSTRUCTIONS IF YOU DON’T CROCHET: If you don’t crochet, you can use knit stitches. Or if you just sew the panels shut, you should add a few extra rows when knitting the panel. You can gather the neckline by stitching in and out and adding a button and button loop on one side since it won’t stretch like crochet stitches. Or, you can weave a ribbon or cord around that will tie to reduce the neckline.

Sew both sides together leaving a gap long enough for your dogs legs to fit through.

If you are adding a button /loop, only sew together one side of the top 1″.

Ta da! I hope this helps you make a nice cosy sweater for your dog. Feel free to ask any questions and I will help you if I can.

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