The Eyes Have It

Crochet zipper pouches

I have been obsessed with crochet eyes lately and finding the right look to create what I had in mind. I researched as many crochet eye patterns/photos as I could find and there are lots of great crocheters out there to learn from. I was very inspired by a granny square by @womanwalkingawire (check out her patterns on Etsy). It still wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but after many trial and error experiments, I think I have what I want. The black and white eye is the closest to what I envisioned and I plan on using it on lots of projects. I think hats will be next.

Unfortunately, I realized too late that the stripe of b/w blocks didn’t work quite work with the placement of the eye. Will need to think through things better next time.

These wristlets are now available in my shop along with other fun bags.

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