New Projects

I’ve started incorporating more leather into my work. I usually only use leather for details on my bags, but I decided to try making other things. I made these leather needle books with scrap leather and felted wool.

I also made these loom tool pouches. I found it annoying that I constantly misplaced my scissors and needles while weaving. The needles would fly off the shelf and the scissors would constantly get buried under piles of yarn, so I designed this leather loom tool pouch that I can tie onto my loom. Each pouch comes with a pair of utility scissors and 2 tapestry needles. They will be in the shop tomorrow.

I also am attempting to incorporate my weaving and crochet into the leather work. Here is a key fob with a small, circular woven wool insert and a card holder with a cotton crochet granny square.

Working with leather is definitely a learning experience. I’ve found that having the right tools makes things easier, but I have a lot to learn. I have lots of ideas for combining my textiles with leather, so stay tuned.

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