Wall weavings and a new loom


I’ve been working on small wall hangings using various recycled and natural elements. The pine needles are particularly tricky to work with. Clockwise from top right: 1) cotton, wool, pine needles, wood, leather; 2) Wool pine needles, leather; 3) hemp, cotton, wood; 4) Wool, pine needles, leather;  5) Wool, recycled sari silk, recycled tea bags, raffia, nettle yarn, handmade paper and watercolor. All are now available in my Etsy shop.

The big news is that I finally got my Saori loom. I am so excited and can’t wait to start using it. Will post photos soon of new projects.

saori loom

Lastly, I finally finished this felted/linen/wool-embroidered and leather wristlet. Now available in my Etsy shop.

It sat on my work table for weeks just waiting for me to put the strap on. Sometimes things just fall by the wayside.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope everybody is having a great week.

Sunday’s weaving

IMG_1040I like keeping Sundays for myself to play in the studio. I either paint, weave, block print, rust/eco dye or sew. So many fun choices that sometimes I can’t decide. It’s a great time to experiment and not worry about any deadlines. This past Sunday I spent a relaxing day in the studio working with pine needles and wool. The tricky thing about pine needles is that the tips are fragile and you have to be careful not to break any off while weaving. The other hard part is keeping them steady when starting the weave since you can’t really warp them on a loom. I made two weavings, but only one of them (this one) seemed to work. I really like it and will be making more for my Etsy store.


Saori weaving

saoriclassSpent a lovely morning at Laura Roveda’s Saori Studio LA  where I got to try out this lovely saori loom. I had a feeling that I was going to really like it and I did. Sadly, it’s out of my budget at the moment, but definitely something to save up for.

SAORI WX-60 Loom

I can easily do free weaving on this and being an abstract painter, this is right up my alley . I plan on producing pieces for bags, pillows and whatever else I can come up with for my Etsy store. Here are a couple of things I made already using my rigid heddle loom. The top two pieces are linen with handwoven wool insets. The bottom piece is linen with felting and sashiko stitching. The yellow cross body bag has grey linen on the backside and the closure and strap are still to be added.


I really need to finish up some of these half finished projects and photograph them, so I can put them in my store. Slow going, but having so much fun!


Catching up

It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to post. Not because there’s been nothing going on, but I was feeling under the weather fighting off a sinus infection. So, let me fill you in. Besides all the art and sewing stuff, I am also a graphic designer. An art catalog I designed for artist, Jessica Rath, was part of a show, Pushing the Press, at the Architecture + Design Museum (Los Angeles) on Thursday. It was a great night and I got to meet Robbie Conal, a guerrilla poster artist noted for his gnarled, grotesque depictions of U.S. political figures, who I had long admired. There were many beautiful print pieces in the show and I was honored to be among them. Here I am showing off my catalog.


I was feeling pretty punky on Friday, so all I could manage to do was make some really yummy pasta and watch bad TV. No painting, sewing or embroidery because my head hurt. I love to cook and find it to be a very creative outlet. This is pasta with broccolini, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggplant and garlic. Simple, but dee-lish!


By Sunday I did manage to work a bit. I started another wristlet using a recycled piece of fabric from a friends favorite jacket and added some hand stitching. Still debating if I want to do a small accent block print in the center of other side besides the stitching or not. Any thoughts?


I also started some catnip cat toys for my Etsy shop. More on that later, gotta get back to the graphic design world…